My role

I’m responsible for APAC Marketing, building a clear position on Epsilon’s market leadership in customer and digital engagement. Working closely with colleagues around the world, as well as APAC client and sales teams, my role is to create a strong selling environment to give the team confidence in their go-to-market activity across Asia.

My story

Up until starting with Epsilon I’ve always been “client side”, starting my career in financial services before moving into Mobile and Wireless technology before 3G even launched! Working for IBM for over 15 years I was able to see first-hand how technology has changed and shaped the world we live in. I love to be involved where technology meets society and work with companies to bring those innovations to life.

In my current position as Marketing Manager in Epsilon, I carry on that role as we introduce the best digital experiences and marketing technology to companies supporting the needs of their clients and generate positive business outcomes.

We’re a family of nomads, I was born in Canada, grew up in Scotland, with a French husband and kids raised in Korea and Hong Kong, so my family love to travel and explore new countries.

My philosophy

At heart, I’m a storyteller. I believe strongly in the power of stories to convey complex ideas. When only a few people in the room understand the technology in depth, taking time to demonstrate how that technology looks, feels and interacts with the consumer, helps everyone understand the benefits. People don’t usually like to buy complexity, they prefer to buy the capability to make their customers fulfilled and willing to return. That’s the story we need to tell.

My qualifications

Diploma in Communications Studies, Dundee, Scotland

Chartered Institute of Marketing Advanced Diploma, London, United Kingdom