My role

I am responsible for the ‘in market’ teams (comprising of Client Service, Strategy & Insights and Delivery) across the region. I interpret my purpose as creating strong teams, inspiring and motivating people to achieve both our clients and our own objectives and vision.

My story

I started my career as a client and have spent over 30% in client roles – mainly business to business marketing but also in Financial Services. I was fortunate that these organisations and the Marketing Services companies that I worked at educated me in the principles of Direct Marketing and experience and understand that by applying these principals intelligently you will generate superior business results.

This education has guided me throughout my career and in turn helped blue chip brands that I worked on or for, grow and develop their business significantly. In the process It has also enabled me to grow from a junior B2B client into the Marketing Services industry where I have held several senior leadership roles.

Whilst Direct Marketing has been updated and improved over the last 30 years (and hopefully so have I) to what I would now call ‘modern marketing’ my passion and belief is just as strong as when I first stumbled upon it. At the same time, I have been able to gain experience in all aspects of modern marketing (digital, social, CRM, ecommerce and brand), marketing technology, marketing performance and customer insights.

In my current role my aim is to help clients realise the potential Modern Marketing has for their brand – in particular how they can apply the technology needed to support their aspirations and the strategy and insights needed to exploit it.

When not working I enjoy and actively participate in sports and the beauty and culture of Asia.

My philosophy

I have two strong convictions:

Applying modern marketing techniques so that brands achieve superior business results. This is a combination of direct marketing principles; brand fundamentals and today's MarTech.

The power of a team. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts as Aristotle said. And the T.E.A.M. acronym—together, everyone achieves more I think aptly sums up this philosophy. This is appropriate for all people-based service organisations and none more so than a marketing service organisation.

My qualifications

Dip, DM - Kingston University