My role

I lead Epsilon’s International’s Strategy and Insight business, helping clients to unlock the value of their technology, data, and brand assets to drive incremental business value. As a team, we help clients create data-driven, insight-led roadmaps, and make improvements that support their short and long-term goals.

My story

I started out client-side as a marketing trainee at GSK (previously Beecham Pharmaceutical), before transferring to marketing and advertising. I’ve worked in various agency roles in everything from FMCG to Financial Services, Automotive, and Telecoms, always within the CRM/121 marketing space.

My approach is to understand a brand and what it promises to deliver, then dig deeper to better recognise customers’ expectations. In this way, data and technology can support customers in their journey and ensure their specific needs are being met.

My philosophy

Investigate where there is “headroom” for improvement and translate the incremental gain that could be achieved from changing customer behavior into business value. Through analysis and insight, uncover what is driving customer behavior and build an implementation plan.

My qualifications

BSc (Hons) degree, Loughborough University