My role

I’m responsible for best practice delivery of Technology projects across APAC.

These projects enable broad & deep capabilities for our clients – helping them to connect with their consumers at the right time, through the right channel, with the right message and cadence.

I am always on the lookout for efficiencies, and activities that can be automated. Together with my team, we help gather the lessons learned through optimal delivery of complex projects, to ensure constant improvement, organizational learning + corporate memory. We are constantly iterating – building upon yesterday’s experience, to flawlessly deliver tomorrow’s agreed business outcomes.

My story

I joined Epsilon almost a decade ago, after running my own successful business for about 8 years, and a stint of business consulting before that.

My time at Epsilon has been spent developing close working relationships with our clients, to help achieve tangible business outcomes for them. More recently, my keen eye for detail saw me invited to run the Project Management Office.

I enjoy the variety of different industries, cultures and challenges that are regularly sent my way!

My philosophy

At my core – I am a resourceful ‘fixer’.

I gain great pride in taking something that is not working, inspecting the component parts, and then re-assembling it to create incremental value - forging something functional and useful by establishing strong connections. I subscribe to a sense that “if it can be done, then I can do it” on most things.

When my attention strays from business systems & technical projects, I like to turn my hand to electronics, small engine repair, gardening and construction out on the farm.

My qualifications

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Macquarie University, Australia