My role

I help our client maximise the value of our technology and data solutions and help them push the boundaries in driving digital transformation. My team and I focus on;

  • Closing the skills gap impacting marketers as they utilise digital technology
  • Realising a single view of the customer, across the entire organisation
  • Providing a deeper, more personalised customer engagement
  • Creating more effective communication via digital channels
  • Helping to build a business case for investment in marketing technology

My story

I have built my career in marketing and technology across Asia Pacific and Global regions. The foundations of my career have been established along three key pillars – thought leadership delivering technical innovation, marketing strategy development & execution, and being bottom line focused; the ability to measure the impact & effectiveness of what I develop or execute.

Working as an intrapreneur, within Financial Services or IT&T companies, the freedom to innovate has allowed me to drive change in companies large and small. Acting as a change agent, I have helped marketers change the way they engage with customers through the use of technology or data. From Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Social Media, Cloud based CRM, Digital Marketing Automation, and Analytics & Big Data Insights.

Today I get to continue the journey, but this time, working from the outside in. Epsilon gives me the opportunity to work with a broader scope of companies and help them as they face or embrace change. Having been through the process first hand, I understand what is required to be successful in driving change.

My philosophy

Change is a constant in our life, it should be embraced rather than feared.

My qualifications

Dip, DM – Pacific College Sydney

Grad Cert, Business Information Technology Management – University Technology Sydney