My role

I’m responsible for digital marketing campaign operations, specialising in leveraging leading-edge marketing automation tools to deliver digital campaigns efficiently and seamlessly.

Additionally, I’m responsible for managing a team of more than 30 APAC campaign management experts who works closely with cross-functional team members including the account management, creative and technology teams.

My story

My journey with Epsilon began in 2016 as a Campaign Manager, tasked with a Global Band – PayPal, handing the change management and transition of marketing platform for 14 markets across APAC. Ensuring the operational fundamentals are ready to go-live to support all 14 countries.

Equipped with diversified experiences, I started off as a Graphic Designer and then had a change of career path in 2014 where my interest and development in Digital Marketing all began...

For the past two years in Epsilon, I have been working with clients from different industries including Finance, FMCG, Pharma and many other e-commerce brands, delivering Omni-channel marketing solutions.

In my current position as the Manager, Digital Campaign Management, ensuring overall client satisfaction through timely participation from account planning to post production quality assurance. Working with cross-functional team that helps client to address markets business needs in marketing data, insights and strategy on cross-channel delivery.

When I’m not working, I enjoy painting and often try to continue pursuing my other interest in arts. I’m also a foodie and I enjoy traveling to try out different cuisines.

My philosophy

I wake up every morning knowing I’ll learn something new and I get excited about sharing my learning with others!

I believe people are your greatest assets, and as we empower everyone with trust and ownership, we can truly deliver as a team with excellence for our clients.

My qualifications

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business with Marketing Management, Northumbria University