Digital Media Solutions

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With Epsilon PeopleCloud Digital Media Solutions, you’ll deepen your relationships with a lifetime of meaningful conversations across all your customers’ devices—powered by unprecedented knowledge of who they are, what they buy and how they buy. 

Epsilon PeopleCloud Digital Media Solutions will be available soon across Asia-Pacific and Middle East countries.

What we can help you achieve

Connect with every customer
Increase lifetime value with unique, relevant conversations based on their behaviors & interests.
Efficiently acquire new ones
Find and convert prospects who match your goals—without wasting acquisition dollars on the wrong people.
Get them to take action
Reach customers most likely to complete important actions, like loyalty signups and test drives.

How we’re different

Achieve greater return on ad spend from your digital media


Real-time decisioning and optimisation

Your marketing will know exactly who, what and when to message, every time, with our AI and machine-learning models that make marketing decisions in milliseconds based on 200 billion daily observations.


Performance-based outcomes

Continuously measure and optimise your results, based on your specific business goals and KPIs—not misleading metrics like clicks.


Integrated, end-to-end solution

Accurately reach 2–3x more of your customers than you can reach with a fragmented stack of point solutions—and stay connected for longer—by using our integrated ad tech stack that minimises identity loss.


Fully transparent measurement

In daily feeds, you'll see every impression and conversion—both online and offline—so you can independently audit your results.

Truly personalized creative

Truly personalised creative

Deliver more relevant customer experiences that drive stronger performance, with a creative platform that uses 6 proprietary, patented tools to dynamically personalise every message at the person level.

Epsilon PeopleCloud Digital Media Solutions will be available soon across Asia-Pacific and Middle East countries. Contact us for details