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Organisations currently have access to more data sources than ever before. As a result, the opportunity for them to understand their customers, their channel preferences, device usage, response to brand messages, product affinity and in-market intent has never been larger. However, bringing high-quality data together in one place and deriving meaning from it is still difficult to achieve.

At Epsilon, we start with an in-depth analysis of your marketing goals and how these relate to your brand’s customer life cycle. We then work with you to help you understand your customers better by building and managing a customer data platform. Our team of experts has the experience necessary to integrate behavioural, transactional and attitudinal data from multiple systems and relevant brand touchpoints. We enable you to deliver truly personalised customer experiences by helping you identify customers at different stages of engagement and target the right audiences using the most appropriate messaging and channels.

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Transactional Data

The industry’s original cooperative database, Abacus®, combines the power of purchase and intent data with proprietary modelling to help you build deeper relationships with customers and qualified prospects. More than 2,700 members—across retail, catalogue, e-commerce, nonprofit, B2B and more—contribute billions of transactions. And our custom-built models make over 100,000 predictions per year to find marketers the right audiences.

Learn how Just Fab found and reached the right people online and achieved 163% higher lifetime value.



Conversant, the digital arm of Epsilon, is the industry’s leading personalised digital media company. Our extensive consumer data (including transactions, locations and web activity) and powerful end-to-end platform allow you to have relevant, ongoing conversations with millions, across all their devices.