Case Study
Segmentation and targeting drive
larger donations and better ROI for
The Humane Society


Donor strategy


Strategic consulting

Abacus Cooperative data







Historically, The Humane Society relied on high-response, low-dollar donations to support their mission. To improve ROI, they decided to shift their strategy to target a smaller audience for larger donations. They asked Epsilon to help them identify who to ask for donations and how much to ask for.


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Using Abacus® Cooperative data, we built a donation range model and a new mail piece was sent to the segments that showed a predisposition to give higher donations. The letter featured higher suggested donation amounts. Simultaneously, we performed a merge optimisation to suppress lower-performing names that showed little or no donor activity.

The Results

Focusing on donors and donation ranges identified by Epsilon, The Humane Society saw the average size of individual gifts double. While their response rate decreased, the larger donations drove an increase in ROI.

In addition to better ROI, they also met their goal of bringing in more engaged, higher-value donors. And retention has improved, with continuing commitment from more donors.


higher gift size
The size of donations from new
target donors was 2X higher
than the previous average.

“The results definitely exceeded my expectations …
We plan to use this method for the foreseeable future.”

— Emily Courville, Director, Data Analysis, The Humane Society of the United States

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